Succeed in International Communication

English is still “the international language of communication”. So it makes sense to be fluent in it. Whether you need it for self-improvement or for business purposes, Speedtalk English can help you become a confident English communicator.

This six-level communicative and highly-interactive program is designed to prepare non-English speakers for the “real world”. Traditional grammar explanations and academic methods are thrown out the window and replaced with fun and dynamic conversations.

In addition, learners have the opportunity to personalize their program based on the results of their placement tests as well as their personal needs. This way, students get to make use of their own knowledge and experiences in expressing in English with ease.

Speedtalk English is available in several package options. You can choose to take an Individual Instruction package (one-on-one) or study with others in a Small Group Package (4-8 students). For more information on available packages, please click on the “See Packages” button.

To know more, please click the "Inquire" button and let us know how we can serve your language needs.

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