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More than one-fifth of the world's population speaks it. Most of the developed countries are spending billions to institute it into their school system. Nowadays, knowing English is not enough. It's about time to give yourself a headstart before it's too late.

Proven to be fast, easy, and best of all, effective, the Speedtalk Mandarin program offers learners a no-fuss way to speak Mandarin without needing to go to China. A variety of interesting and enjoyable activities provide thorough individual practice and enable learners to apply the language they learn. With our thrust of communicative competence, learners are presented with natural and useful language, instead of boring language concepts. As such, you can expect to speak Mandarin confidently and quickly.

Speedtalk Mandarin is available in several package options. You can choose to take an Individual Instruction package (one-on-one) or study with others in a Small Group Package (4-8 students). For more information on available packages, please click on the "See Packages" button.

To know more, please click the "Inquire" button and let us know how we can serve your language needs.

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