Simply the Best Language Learning Experience ever!

Conversational Method

Unique, Interactive, and Practical

The Speedtalk experience begins with the unique Speedtalk Method of teaching, which encourages learning through conversational functions rather than grammar explanations and translations. Instead of focusing on technicalities and theories, we prioritize easy and practical application of concepts. So, whether you're learning a second language or acquiring a new skill, you'll be doing just that within your training sessions. This way, you'll learn faster and become more confident in the process.

Highly Qualified Instructors

Trained native speakers and native-fluent speakers

All Speedtalk Instructors are highly-qualified to conduct the various programs on offer. They have all undergone Speedtalk's rigid Instructor Training Program, ensuring that they know how to implement the unique Speedtalk Method of instruction. And, as part of our quality-keeping measures, they are regularly monitored and evaluated for the effective facilitation of our standardized training programs.

Exclusive Materials

Standardized and complementing

Designed to complement the unique Speedtalk Method, all Speedtalk Materials are meticulously developed for your exclusive use. Daily worksheets and interactive materials are given to supplement your in-class drills. Special materials may even be customized depending on your requirements.

The Speedtalk Center

conducive, convenient, and comfortable

The Speedtalk Centers are located in accessible commercial districts making it convenient for students and training participants to come regularly. Additionally, the well-appointed Centers are equipped with first-class facilities to complement your unique learning experience. Specially-designed classrooms encourage maximum interaction and optimum learning among participants.

As a result of the success of our training programs, we have applied The Speedtalk Experience to our broad range of services, from pre-school to professional corporate programs, assuring you of trainings that are consistently FUN, FAST, and EFFECTIVE.